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Unformatted text preview: ANTH 101 Primates, People and Prehistory Study Guide, Test 2 Words to know: Site artifact feature survey Spatial context provenience association excavation stratigraphy Stratigraphic Correlation law of superposition absolute dating relative dating radiometric dating Biostratigraphy ecofact Radioactive isotope radiocarbon dating half-life Dendrochronology Potassium-argon dating seriation faunal analysis Ethnoarchaeology ethnographic analogy experimental archaeology palynology Phytoliths Taphonomy core flake Biface debitage retouch use-wear blade Percussion flaking Soft Hammer percussion zooarchaeology Epiphyseal Union Tooth wear Tooth eruption stature Piltdown Bipedalism Foramen Magnum Diastema Prognathism Sagittal Crest Sahelanthropus** Australopitheciines ** Ardipithecus ** Paranthropus ** Sagittal Crest Laetoli footprints Great Rift Valley Olduvai Gorge **For all of the hominid species, know the relative chronology (who is older and younger), where they were found (generally – E. Africa, South Africa, etc.), the physical characteristics (morphology of skull, pelvis, etc.), and behavioral (generally – E....
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