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Learning Objectives Chapter 24: The Origin of Species Concept 24.1: The biological species concept emphasizes reproductive isolation Define Ernst Mayr’s biological species concept. Distinguish between prezygotic and postzygotic isolation mechanisms. Describe five prezygotic isolating mechanisms and give an example of each. Describe three postzygotic isolating mechanisms and give examples of each. Explain how reproductive barriers evolve. Describe an example of the evolution of a prezygotic barrier and the evolution of a postzygotic barrier. Describe some limitations of the biological species concept. Concept 24.2: Speciation can take place with or without geographic separation
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Unformatted text preview: • Distinguish between allopatric and sympatric speciation. • Define allopatric speciation. Describe the mechanisms that may lead to divergence of isolated gene pools. • Define sympatric speciation and explain how polyploidy can cause reproductive isolation. • Distinguish between an autopolyploid and an allopolyploid species and describe examples of each. • Explain how habitat differentiation has led to sympatric speciation in North American maggot flies. • Explain how sexual selection has led to sympatric speciation in the cichlids of Lake Victoria. Explain how the process of speciation may be reversing due to pollution in this lake....
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