Job Fair Brochure Pt. 1

Job Fair Brochure Pt. 1 - because we keep our low prices...

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New Horizons The company structure consists of a general manager, two assistant managers, cashiers, a pharmacist, an assistant pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, and stockers. The general manager has the highest authority in the store. The two assistant managers are share equal authority, but do not have as much authority in the store. Next, we have a team of cashiers to check the customers out in a timely manner so the customers will not have to wait in long lines. Then, we have the pharmacist who has the highest authority in the pharmacy. The assistant pharmacist has authority in the pharmacy, but not as much authority as the pharmacist. Next, we have a team of pharmacy technicians who help fill the prescriptions and check the customers out in a timely manner. Finally, we have a team of stockers to get all of the products off of the delivery truck and onto the shelves. Our company appeals to every one of all ages. Families are our biggest customers
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Unformatted text preview: because we keep our low prices because we have everything that is in demand at all times. We have clothes for all ages and sizes, a hardware section, toys for all ages, a pharmacy, books for all ages, an entertainment section, a home décor section, and a food section that includes everything you can think of. Our company sends out circulars to everyone in the surrounding area, has circulars in the store for those who are passing through or visiting, and changes our store look every month to attract customers. Our employees conduct themselves in a fair, professional, and ethical way. All employees work together to achieve all store and company goals. All employees, including managers, work together and do their best to satisfy every customer. Our employees are focused, motivated, creative, and are team players, because without these traits, none of our goals would be met....
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