The Impact of HRM - employees performance levels once a...

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The Impact of HRM 1 CheckPoint: The Impact of HRM Noel Young BUS/210 4/1/11 Lorelle Davies
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The Impact of HRM 2 Based on the brainstorm session in discussion question two, one of the best ways to improve the management of human resources would be to implement a hiring exam designed by the department that does the hiring. This will allow the person or people who do the hiring to screen applicants and make sure the person who is applying is qualified for the position that he or she is applying for. In my experience, no company wants to hire someone who isn’t qualified for the position he or she applied for. The turnover rate wouldn’t be so high when you implement a hiring exam. I would also implement performance analysis and appraisals. Evaluating your
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Unformatted text preview: employees performance levels once a month can help your employees work harder and more productively by motivating them. Doing these evaluations can also give your high performing employees the encouragement they need to stay on track and your low performing employees the motivation they need to get on the right track. Its kind of like with kids. When one sees another getting appraised, the one will want to straighten up so he or she can be appraised too. The performance analysis and appraisals will motivate all employees to work harder to reach the companys goals which will make the company more profitable....
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The Impact of HRM - employees performance levels once a...

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