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March 31 st and April 2nd Washington and Jefferson: Federalists and Republicans I. Ratification of Constitution (June 21, 1788) - Federalist and Anti-Federalist debate - Federalist (winners = supporters of constitution), constitution balance (symmetry) relationship between national and state government - Anti-Federalists = were most powerful before, true opponents of constitution, argue that it fails to balance the national and state government power, doubted that such a balance was possible, either national state or government would dominate, believed constitution would augment the central power and ultimately doom locality (state gov) - Because anti-federalism died doesn’t mean that there weren’t further challenges of what Republic meant - 1732-1799: Washington (when he died = greatest period of mourning) - Washington = Virginian II. Washington defines presidency (1789-97; D. 1799) - Created presidency/personality - Symbolic and personal effect on the people - Took oath of office in NY and served 2 terms - Large sculpture (raising right hand): scandalous image - 1841: arrival of statue in capital (received a lot of criticism), saw it as comical and offensive - Was put in a shed and forgotten - 1908, taken out because it was beginning to deteriorate - Fear of unlimited executive power American Cincinnatus - Secretary of Treasury = Alexander Hamilton - Symbol of Revolution, embodied image of balance = Washington - Anti-Federalists lost but was still present (was very strong in newspapers against Washington)
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- Criticized as another monarch = Washington - He tried to remain distant, exploit symbolic power, rarely engaged in public controversies, mostly spoke out
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March_31st_and_April_2nd_notes_Pauline_Mar - March 31st and...

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