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April 16th, 2009 Age of Jackson: The Politics of, “The Command Man.” 1828 – 1836 I. Effects of Socioeconomic change past 1812 on Politics a.) End of First American 2 Party System - 1820’s saw the death of the Federalist Party, but they are reinvented in different ways. b.) New Party system: Democrats vs. Whigs - In the following elections, two major new parties emerged: Democrats and the Whigs. - How did they differ? First, willingness of leaders in the 19 th century to abandon the social ideal of . Second is to accept parties and conflict as inevitable and preferable. - New rhetoric that says these things are okay. - New kinds of voters turned out y elite family lose power. This allows more people to engage in politics. - Politics and race become a more powerful electorate issue. Democracy becomes more based on free white men. II. Andrew Jackson (elected 1828, 1832) - first president who did not come from a well-established or an elite family. He was from the South Carolina back-country. He was a orphan at 14 and was a prisoner of the US Revolution.
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N_April_16th_Notes_Madiha - April 16th, 2009 Age of...

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