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Unformatted text preview: Abolitionist Movement 21/04/2009 12:56:00 I. Sectional Extremism over Slavery Define Polemic The extreme factional fighting Political compromise gave way to extremism Its a dispute between two parties in opposition 1776- first period of emancipation in the north- ideals of independence The British used slavery as argument against Americas ideals of liberty and independence Jefferson thought slavery was good for both whites and blacks What to do with the slaves? If they were freed, they couldnt live among whites with all these bad feelings- a separation needed to be done, also to stop sexual relations II. Story of Liberia (1800-1830) Liberia was the focal point of the American Colonial Society The battle over Missouri in 1819 and 1820 Agreed to take slaves back to Africa, freed slaves and free men to Liberia to be repatriated At this time, most slaves had been in America as long as the Europeans had The Liberian movement had great support, especially in the upper South- closest to the north, most industrialized, most lost of its slaves through fugitive slaves Slaves were incredibly valuable- 1807- slave trade ended in America Economically had a greater stake The slave owners would be compensated to send them to Liberia No concern for freedom of blacks, they were no longer African but Americans The black Americans who did go to Africa were called white blacks by the Africans- they were caught in an in-between world Now, in Liberia, the elites are the freed slaves that were sent there Could blacks ever be full citizens, or could they be virtuous- most whites said no...
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N_April_21st_Notes_Meliss_Parsley - Abolitionist Movement...

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