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March 5 th and 10 th Chesapeake: The Story of Virginia I. Origins—Fight for Survival - Many myths - Origins of Virginia can be separate from these other transatlantic colonization stories - Very first people associated with Virginia in someway = adventurers (pirates), ex: Sir Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilburg (1560s-1580s) - All these people had 2 things in common: called Sir, united by Queen Elizabeth I, good pirates (knights of the sea), anti-Spanish action at sea and on land, anti-Spanish propaganda, Ireland (long march from English core to West and North conquer the early empire Keltic fringe), absorption of Ireland - Ireland = last territory that English was trying to absorb, dangerous, first America in the minds of the English “Projectors - 1588: Spanish Armada (opened doors for the English) - Era of publication, more interest in New World grew when Armada fell - Came up with many projects --> Hakluyd (wrote on Virginia and new colonies 1589 The Principle Navigation = vital book) - Hakluyd = a publisher, spent most of his time in England - Present a coherent picture of the island empire (sea = natural home of the England) - Certain themes to remember: (1) by using the navy, he creates a scenario for an opportunity of violence damage and make huge profits, projecting power (violence = good thing), (2) by using this violence method through naval power, go to exotic places like Virginia and be able to acquire wealth easily (notion of easy wealth and little labor), (3) Excess population (issue for Elizabeth) Americas = perfect place to dump off these extra people (indentured servants), (4) 2 nd economic issue: wool manufacturing (powerful) but multi- generation depression dump wool manufacturers in Americas (no one buying them anymore), (5) Atlantic contest with Spain, wherever we put down our roots in Americas = great outpost to the Spanish - Notion of the Black Legend: Spanish = Catholic, cruel - La Tasas - First attempt of settlement (slightly before Armada: 1584-1590) - Takes us a long time to get to Jamestown (1607) - Southern edge island (miserable failure first attempt at settlement)
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- Roto Rally (magical situation, dreamt of Utopia) - Torturing of Indians if English offered them freedom, they would join them - English had some despite for Indians (refused to labor themselves) for trading corn = lazy - Unlike New England (where farmers came over and knew how to farm the land), these people were trained as soldiers not farmers - Closed helmet, Baund (late medieval fortress, administrative area R spread all over Ireland, English innovations) - Impermanent form of architecture - People who came off Rally’s ships = mercenaries, lived off t hard war (paid little but guaranteed with whatever you are able to take, didn’t know how to grow food) - By the first winter, these mercenaries outlived the local Indians (soldiers = killed sachum (head man for Indians) for fear of attack in 1586) - Eventually these soldiers starved (sail back to England)
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March_5th_and_10th_notes_Pauline_Mar - March 5th and 10th...

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