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Unformatted text preview: 3-5-09 Chesapeake: The Story of Virginia1. Origins the fight for survival 1. Anti-Spanish crusade 2. Tribal Irish people; Catholic savages 3. Projectors i. Individuals in court of Elizabeth 1stwho with the fall of Armada there was more interest in expansion in the New World and colonizing the areas the Spanish had exploited ii. Richard Hakluy wrote many books on VA and other projects trying to get Elizabeths support 1. Principal Navigation 1559 compendium of many volumes; spent all his time in England 1. Personal stories of people who had dealings with the outside world i. Picture of Britannia ruling the sea; that the sea was the natural home of the English ii. Gave them identity as sea bearing empire iii.By using the Navy a sense that creates a scenario of opportunism of violence 2. English had excess population Hakluy said he could solve this by sending everyone to the Americas 3. Place to sell and dump woolen manufacturers that nobody is buying in Europe any more i. Depression in woolen industry 4. Create an outpost against the Spanish 4. The Black Legend i. De Las Causas author upset with treatment of people by masters 2. Roanoke Island (1584-1590) 1. Terrible failure (first settlement 1584-1586) 2. Reality meeting idealism i. Projectors dreams (Hackluy and Walter Raleigh) 1. Dreamt of utopia in Virginia; in which everyone could be freed from Spanish oppression and Christianized 3. Started to attempt good rapport with Indians but English refused to grow any corn; do any 3....
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March_5th_Erin_Knapik - 3-5-09 Chesapeake: The Story of...

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