ALEKS Handout - ALEKS Handout Ch 302 Fall 2009 You are...

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ALEKS Handout, Ch 302, Fall 2009 You are taking one of the most potentially rewarding--yet challenging-- courses offered to students at UT: General Chemistry. To thrive in this course at UT , you must have a solid command of some basic mathematics, measurement, matter and energy concepts, and logical reasoning skills, for example, that you may not have seen in quite a while (or in some cases ever). To increase your chances of success in Chemistry this year, we’ve added A.Le.K.S. (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) as a required component, to rapidly and accurately identify any areas of strength or weakness, and where gaps are found to help you firm up your knowledge of pre-requisite topics BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN. Then, ALEKS will be with you to help you learn the course material as we move forward. This component of this course is described in the course syllabus in the paragraphs headed ‘ALEKS Assessment’ and ‘ALEKS Modules’. Read this paragraph to see how your work on ALEKS is used in final grade calculations. ALEKS is a powerful artificial-intelligence based teaching tool. ALEKS first assesses exactly what you know and don’t know in General Chemistry and its pre-requisite material, and reports the results of this assessment to you. Once ALEKS determines what you have remembered and what you have forgotten or never learned before about the course, It will teach you only those things you a) don't already know how to do (though these can be reviewed at any time in ALEKS), and b) what you are ready to learn based on what you know already. ALEKS will rarely force you to "learn" material you already know, nor will it try to teach you things for which your foundational skills make you unlikely to succeed. Do the initial assessment carefully and honestly. If you do this assessment carelessly or answer randomly,
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ALEKS Handout - ALEKS Handout Ch 302 Fall 2009 You are...

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