The Jungle - Characters Marija Berczynskas Onas cousin...

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Characters: Marija Berczynskas – Ona’s cousin – “short, but powerful in build.” Works in a canning factory – very muscular with high pitched voice. In Lithuania, she had been an orphan who beat regularly. Jurgis Rudkus – Tall with black eye, beetling brows, and thick black hair. Married to Ona, got a job at Brown’s after only waiting thirty minutes in line. Due to his quick employment, has a divine affection for America – and its opportunities. Ona Lokoszaite – blue-eyed and fair - married to Jurgis. Also works at Browns (didn’t give her the day after her wedding) – Jurgis refused to let her work (Ch 1) Teta Elzbieta (Aunt Elizabeth) – Ona’s stepmother Jonas Lokoszaite – Ona’s brother Kotrina Lokoszaite – Ona’s sister Grandmother Majauszkiene Tomaszius Kuszleika – Violinist at Ona’s party. “Taught himself to play the violin by practicing all night, after working all day on the “killing beds.”” Very authoritative leader of the band – an inspired man with a short statute. Dede Antannas (Grandfather Anthony) – Jurgis’s father – “not more than sixty years of age, but you would thing that he was eighty.” Jokubas Szedvilas – Ona’s family friend – he owns a delicatessen store on Halsted Street. The family happened to run into him upon arriving to Chicago, huge sense of relief for
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The Jungle - Characters Marija Berczynskas Onas cousin...

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