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Drexel University Department of Economics Microeconomics Prof. Stephen D. Joyce Econ 201 Sect. 501/701 Tel.: (215) 895-1339 (W) M 6-9:50pm Matheson308 Email: [email protected] Off: 213 Academic Hrs.: Webpage http://faculty.lebow.drexel.edu/joyces/ Also By Appt. Required Text: th edition by:William J. Baumol & Alan S.Blinder (Electronic version included with required subscription to WWW.Aplia.com . Aplia is a homework and instructional site. The course key is WSWH-KQYW-57ZD Although not required, a study guide is available for those who wish to use it. GRADING: 40% Final 30% Midterm with Highest Grade 20% Midterm with 2 nd Highest Grade 10% Homework, Quizzes, Attendance and Participation EXAMS: There are 3 midterms, which will cover those areas that the instructor decides upon. (Usually the topics preceding it on the syllabus). The midterm with the lowest score will not be counted. A missed midterm test for any reason will result in a zero for that test. The dates of midterms will be announced two weeks prior. The final is cumulative and may cover any topics covered in class. There are no makeup exams. Any cheating can cause a failure of that exam or the class. Homework: Homework will be assigned on Aplia and at the instructor’s discretion. Late homework will not be accepted. Quizzes may be both announced or surprise and will be given if needed. Attendance
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This note was uploaded on 04/04/2008 for the course ECON 201 taught by Professor Joyce during the Spring '07 term at Drexel.

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Drexel_Micro_Syllabus_Spring_2007_201-501701 - Drexel...

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