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Chapter 28 Translation - Chapter 28 Translation: Theseus...

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Chapter 28 Translation: Theseus Athenis While at Trozene Theseus grew, Medea was accepted into the kingdom of Aegeus because this woman fled by chariot pulled by winged dragons after she had set the kingdom of Corinth on fire and killed her own sons by means of a sword. Aegeus accepts this woman, and nor is his hospitality not enough, but he also joins himself to Medea with the agreement of marriage, for which he hoped that she would beget a son of the art of Medea. He did not know Theseus sill lived. And now Theseus, unaware of his father, who had made peaceful the isthmus between the two seas with his courage was near. But nevertheless Medea recognized him as soon as he arrived in the city; for this reason the bad and envious woman persuaded Aegeus to invite Theseus into the palace to be killed. When this one went into the banquet, that woman mixed the poison with the wine which she gave to Aegeus in order that he himself give it to the unknown son. This death-bearing poison, which Medea carried back with herself, once was made from the white foam(s) which Cerberus sprinkled in the fields by his barking, while Hercules carried him out of Orcus. Theseus now had taken the given cup with his unknowing right hand, when the father recognized the sign of his family in the ivory ornament of the sword and threw the cup from the mouth of Theseus. Medea however singing the magic songs flees the murder by clouds having been moved, because she saw the bad deed being revealed. But the father, although was happy to discover his son safely, nevertheless he is amazed that he himself almost committed a huge wicked deed. The gods prevented him from killing his own son! Therefore he kindled the alters of the gods with flames. No day is considered was more celebrated than that in Athens. The father and the people had celebrated the hero of the songs.
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Chapter 28 Translation - Chapter 28 Translation: Theseus...

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