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Chapter 30 Translation

Chapter 30 Translation - Chapter 30 Translation Theseus Rex...

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Chapter 30 Translation: Theseus Rex When Theseus went back to Greece, either greatly moved by thinking of the his father’s joy or forgetful by the king didn’t decorate the ship with a white sail; Aegeus who saw the black sail from out of the citadel threw himself into the sea and died. The sea was called the Aegean because of the king and his sad end. So Theseus was made king, with Aegues having died, and the wise leader through many years gave to the people of Athens happy guidance and just laws. The Athens was being considered the home of freedom, the first city of the whole world. No longer ought Athens to send lamentable tribute to Crete. Temples are crowned with flowers; the people honor Minerva with Jupiter and the other gods whose temples the people decorate with bloody offerings and both gifts and incense having been given. The name of Theseus had been spread through the Greek cities and the other people implored his help in great danger.
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