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Chapter 26 Grammer

Chapter 26 Grammer - Monday More Subjunctives Perfect and...

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Monday, March 21, 2011 More Subjunctives Perfect and Pluperfect, Active and Passive. Pf act Perfect stem +eri+ending Miscuerim Miscueris miscuerit misucerimus misuceritis misucerint Pf passive 4 th p.p. + sim,sis,sit Mixtum sim Mixtum sis Mixtum sit Mixti simus Mixti sitis Mixti sint Pl pf. Act pf stem + isse+ending Misucissem Misucisses Misucisset Misucissemus Misucissetis Misucissent Pl pf. Passive 4 th principle part + essem, esses, Mixtus Essem Mixtus Esses Mixtus Esset Mixti Essemus Mixti Essetis Mixti Essent
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Conditions Protasis Apodosis If you do this, you do well Simple Present Si ( If) // Nisi (If not) + present / present indicative Si hoc facis, bene facis. o If you do this, you do well. Simple past si + past tense (pf. Or imperfect) / past tense Si hoc fecisti, bene fecisti o If you did this, you did well. Future more vivid si+ future (active/passive) / future ind. REGULAR FUTURE CONDITION Si hoc facies, bene facies o If you will do this, you will do well.
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