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Latin Test 1 - Latin Test 1 Chapter XIX-Midas and the...

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Latin Test 1 Chapter XIX-Midas and the golden force Midas, Great King of Phrygia, was not having great wisdom. Because Midas had been nice to the God Bacchus, Bacchus gives him a gift “Whatever you desire” said the God “I will give to you”. King therefore asked this just now: “Whatever I will touch with my body, Change it into gold, I beg. I desire this very much.” The God gives this gift to the King, but he was the saddest because that guy asked for such a gift. King however was not sad, but very happy; He tries the new gift eagerly. He touches one and another thing with his finger; with difficulty he believes the fortunes. It is true. When he picked green branch from the tree, Midas holds a gold branch in his hand. The stone is changed also into gold by Midas concealed hand. The gifts of Ceres are transformed having been picked into gold. In addition the fruit, because it was plucked from the tree, is now it is golden fruit. He places his fingers in the high doorpost in the palace, they were seen to shine. When that guy washes his hands with liquid water, the water is changed into liquid gold. All things are changed by his concealed hands into gold with the golden force. When Midas had rejoiced immediately the servants were able to place before him a table laden with meats and also the gifts of Ceres. Midas tried to touch food with an eager, but the eager tooth touched gold. When Midas tried to drink water and wine, liquid gold flowed in his mouth. The thing which first favorable, now was seen unfavorable. Miserable Midas terrified now hates which he had desired, also he asks to remove this gift. He is
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Latin Test 1 - Latin Test 1 Chapter XIX-Midas and the...

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