Test 3_Chapter 11-14

Test 3_Chapter 11-14 - Latin Test #3 Chapter XI- Philemon...

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Latin Test #3 Chapter XI- Philemon and Baucis (Part 1) The sky’s power is immense, and it does not have an end. Whatever the gods command, it is done. Do you doubt, students? I will tell you about two trees, A linden tree and an oak in Phrygia. The story is true. I myself saw the place; nearby there is a pool, the land once full of men, now the water is full of fish. Here Jupiter came and Mercury, carrier of the caduceus, also came with his father. The gods had assumed the form of men, and they were walking in the land of Phrygia. They were asking for rest in a thousand houses, but the thousand houses were closed. However, one small house was open. Here reverent Baucis and old man Philemon were living; the two were the whole household. Both servants and masters were two. When the gods entered the small house, old man Philemon asked the gods to remain. Baucis prepared wine and food (meat, radish, and eggs). She also prepared a table, but the table was not level; one leg was not long enough. By means of a tile, the table is made level. The old people were kind to the strangers, and they gave the greater portion of wine and food to the gods. Chapter XII-Philemon and Baucis (Part 2) But after dinner, the two, the old man and the spouse, saw a miracle. The wine and food was still in the bowl! Reverent Baucis and shy Philemon fear, they beg the gods. The two old folks had a goose. Baucis and Philemon were trying to catch and kill the goose, as a sacrifice to the gods. Never the less, the goose fled toward the gods. Who said “Do not kill the goose. We are the gods, Jupiter and Mercury. We ought to destroy the bad town. But we will give a reward to you. Jupiter transformed the bad town into a pool of water and the bad men into fish; He transformed
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Test 3_Chapter 11-14 - Latin Test #3 Chapter XI- Philemon...

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