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Information Systems - INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1 Information...

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1 Information Systems Sarah R Peak CIS/205 04/02/2011 Bob Fannin
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INFORMATION SYSTEMS 2 Information Systems Information technology is everywhere and in almost everything that one does in his or her daily life. Not only is information technology starting to rule ones personal life but also rules many businesses as well. For some people the thought of technology is scary but for others information technology and information systems assist with hard tasks and makes work life easier to manage. For many businesses information systems is not just a way to make business easier but to create growth, satisfy customers, and gain an edge on competition. Businesses can use information systems for their accounting needs, human resources, marketing as well as many other business processes that take place. Banks used to be completely personal. Everything was a face-to-face transaction. Banks logged everything on paper and could access account information by simply looking at the books. Now customers can avoid the long lines to see a teller to make transactions. A customer can use an ATM to make deposits, withdrawal money, and to check account balances. Not only can a customer use an ATM for transactions but can also use online banking to access the same
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Information Systems - INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1 Information...

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