1 - avoid a law suit Three behaviors that are unethical but...

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Human resource management is the part of a company that handles valuable assets, it’s employees. It plays a major role in how management plans on running the firm and working towards it objectives. The job of the human resource depart is to recruit employees and hire the correct employees, create accurate job descriptions, motivate, train, and make sure every employee is comfortable. I believe all companies should develop a pay plan. It helps to give a detailed job description, and it is very important in the recruiting process. When the employees are happy with the pay rate they are more willing to do their job correctly and the will be more willing to stay and that would reduce the need and cost of recruiting. I think it is very important to handle dismissal properly in this day and time because are in a society where everyone is quick to sew somebody. Today we have so many laws and restrictions to protect today’s employees. A company has to make sure they following a the laws and regulations in order to
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Unformatted text preview: avoid a law suit. Three behaviors that are unethical but legal are adultery, telling a lie, and taking off from work when your not really sick. Three behavior that are illegal but ethical are speeding , slander, and sharing a patients information with a love one that really needs to know what is going on. Behaviors that are unethical but legal, 1) laying workers off and giving the senior managers big bonuses, 2) adultery, 3) car salesperson not telling the problems with the vehicle because you didn’t ask specific question. Behaviors that are illegal but ethical, 1) Speeding in order to get someone to the ER, 2) crossing the solid double yellow line so as not to hit the child chasing the ball into the road, 3) a group of neighbor physicians who decide to lower costs because heath care is too high...
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1 - avoid a law suit Three behaviors that are unethical but...

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