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articles compare (2) - Kameron Shearn March 1, 2011...

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Kameron Shearn March 1, 2011 Composition Mr. Adrian Comparing Global warming professional and non-professional articles Global warming is one of the most controversial issues currently facing our world today. Global warming effects t echnology , economics and arise in many political issues in today’s society. There are many journal articles discussing the controversy surrounding global warming. The authors of these articles express their views in non- professional or professional journals. This paper will contrast the difference between the non-professional article, Global Warming written by the New York Times, and the professional article, Changes in Tropical Cyclone Number, Duration, and Intensity in a Warming Environment, written by P.J Webster . The non- professional journal states that the purpose of global warming is that the earth’s atmosphere acts as a greenhouse in which it traps the sun’s ray that caused the dramatic climate change . On the other hand, in the professional journal, it is most often stated that global warming is cause by the
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articles compare (2) - Kameron Shearn March 1, 2011...

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