Assignments_133B_Spring_2011 - Assignments Six assignments...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignments Six assignments are described below. You must select 1 assignment (and only one assignment) and turn it in by its associated due date. The assignments are designed to help with understanding the course material you are encouraged to attempt all of them. However, you can only turn in 1 assignment for a grade. If you turn in more than one assignment we will only grade your first submission. All assignments should be typed (double- spaced) and no longer than 3 pages. Assignment 1: Conservation of number: (Due Date: April 14) Part 1: Each of the four theories we discussed (Piagetian, information-processing, core-knowledge, and sociocultural) has implications for teaching methods. Describe how a teacher might approach the task of teaching a child the concept of conservation from each of the four perspectives. To receive full credit you need to be explicit about how your teaching methods relate to each of the theories. Part 2: Try this with children between the ages of 4 and 5 years of age (at least two children). Take five pennies (or buttons, or crackers, etc.) and place them in a row in front of the child. Make another row of pennies that match up with the row that you made, as below: X X X X X O O O O O Ask the child if there are the same number of pennies in each row. After an affirmative response, spread apart the pennies in one row, as the child watches, so the rows now look like this: X X X X X O O O O O...
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Assignments_133B_Spring_2011 - Assignments Six assignments...

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