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PSYCHOLOGY 115 PRINCIPLES OF BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE SPRING 2011 Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 930-1045 AM in Franz 1178 Description of the course: This course is designed to provide you with a survey of the anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology of the nervous system, with an emphasis on the biological basis of behavioral processes. In particular, this course attempts to illuminate how evolutionary influences built the human brain; to understand this, we will use a comparative approach – investigating the relationships between our nervous systems and behavior and that of phylogenetically lower animals. Faculty: Dr. J. David Jentsch: Thursdays from 11-12 in Franz Hall 8441B Teaching Assistants (TAs): Stephanie Groman: Fridays from 2-3; Franz 2567A Melissa Flesher: Tuesdays from 1-2; Franz 8564 Soo Kyung Lee: Mondays from 11-1; Franz 2567B Monica Birnbaum: Wednesdays from 1-3; Franz 7626 Textbook (OPTIONAL!): SM Breedlove, MR Rosenzweig, NV Watson. Biological Psychology. Sixth Edition. Class Website: http://ccle.ucla.edu/ Got Questions… … about course material, lectures, exams, etc.? There are two ways to get a quick answer to your question: Post a question on the Course Website discussion board – or - Send an email to uclapsych115@gmail.com Confidential or personal issues that need to be addressed : You may, of course, email the professor or TAs directly in this situation. Professor : Jentsch@psych.ucla.edu TA Flesher : Melissa.Flesher.TA@gmail.com TA Birnbaum: monicasb@ucla.edu TA Lee : soo.lee@ucla.edu TA Groman : sgroman@gmail.com
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Course and Grading Details: 1. Discussion Section o If you are not enrolled in a discussion by the end of the second week, you will be automatically dropped from the course . You may switch section if you find someone willing to swap with you, but all swaps must be completed prior to the end of week 2 . Students with enrollment concerns should go to the Psychology Advising Office at 1531 Franz Hall (Do not ask the professor or the TAs about changing section). o After week 2, further discussion section switches will not be possible, and you will only receive credit for attending and taking quizzes within the section in which you are enrolled. Although you may receive TA permission to attend the lecture component of a section in which you are not enrolled, you will not receive credit for attending or taking a quiz in any Discussion section other than the one for which you are registered. o There will be 8 Discussion sessions held across the quarter ( no sessions are scheduled in weeks 1 or 10 ). Please do not sign up for a discussion section that conflicts with another course or that you otherwise cannot attend because Discussion section attendance is mandatory. o
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