intel rel final

intel rel final - • Binding • Non-binding 21)Why defect...

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1) Security dilemma Action-reaction/retaliation Bad decision-making 2) Relative power Preemptive Revisionist Balancing checks 3) Rationalist Bargaining model Why war 4) Diversionary critique, support 5) Externalities of civil war 6) Models of civil war onset Deprivation Lootable 7) Minorities at risk framework Salience Incentives 8) Irgun model, Algerian 9) Dem peace causes Normative Structural 10)Dyadic, monadic, systemic 11)Kant perpetual peace – triangular peace 12)Dem promotion strategies 13)Sources of intl law 14)Enforces of intl law 15)Just war 16)Goods typology 17)Preference ordering 18)Avoiding prisoner’s dilemma 19)Types of peacekeeping 20)Dispute settlements
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Unformatted text preview: • Binding • Non-binding 21)Why defect free trade 22)Why free trade 23)NTBs 24)Stable peace 25)Structural violence 26)Positive peace 27)Functionalism 28)Ramification 29)Transactionist approach 30)Reprisal 31)Caroline standard 32)Normative theory 33)Legal positivism 34)Cosmopolitan vs. communitarian 35)UN agencies 36)Mercantilism, neomercantilism 37)Market failure (2) 38)Bretton, fixed, float, managed 39)GATT 40)Global civil society 41)Complex interdependence 42)Development theories 43)Neoimperialism 44)Paradigm views on pol econ 45)EOI, ISI 46)Basic needs strategy 47)Econ prerequisites argument, critique...
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intel rel final - • Binding • Non-binding 21)Why defect...

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