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intl rel final 2

intl rel final 2 - Book Notes 1 Causes of civil war...

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Book Notes 1) Causes of civil war , domestic conflict Deprivation – poverty, lack of rights Unequal distribution Lack of dem Weak govn Poor national integration Failure of govn to curb globalization shocks 2) Factors causing continuation of civil war External assistance Lootable resources – used to maintain/pay rebel armies 3) Communal conflict = ethnopolitical conflict 4) Rebel groups = shadow states – succeed where central govn fails – support and tax populations – a means to maintain the army 5) Terrorist groups – networks = non-hierarchical, resilient 6) Establishment terrorism = state terrorism, not dissident terrorism 7) State-sponsored terrorism – support terrorist groups with arms, training, etc. 8) Information warfare, hacker war, cyberterrorism = corruption, manipulation of info for purposes of disruption, violence Info war targeted at civilians = netwar 9) OECD = organization for econ coop and devel (North America, Western/Central Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand) Zone of peace (stable, almost positive) 10) Stable peace – absence of war and preparation/expectation of war 11) Structural violence – deprivations enforced by pol/social system without direct violence 12) Positive peace – absence of structural violence 13)IGOs promote norms, accurate perceptions, arms control, stable interests 14)World federalism – idealist concept of a world state (yea right) 15)More practical concept = functionalism – IGOs aim to solve specific problems but not attempt to be all things for all states 16) Ramification/spillover – success in one area encourages similar efforts in other areas (growing role of IGOs) 17)IGOs incentivize dem = prerequisite for admission (EU) 18)Increased communication, trade, travel = growing collective identity, “we feeling”, trust = transactionist approach to creating peace (exchange must be mutually beneficial) – leads to a security community 19)IGO membership and level of dem has been increasing since mid-70’s 20)Transition from dictator to dem can create problems
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Transitioning govn prone to use diversionary – chance to solidify power New govns are unstable – tempt neighbors to attack Applies only to unconsolidated, non-institutionalized dem 21)Promotion of dem is rarely the sole incentive of war 22)How people ought to behave = normative theory 23)Realism – war is justified if it serves the national interest – consequentialist 24)Pacifism – war is never justified (doesn’t include just war theory) 25) Caroline standard = preemptive attack as just 26) Reprisal – unlawful act as a response to a previously unlawful act – attempt to persuade the first actor to change its ways (not quite self- defense) – US-Afghanistan 27)New set of norms regarding acts to prevent terrorism may be emerging (US preventative) 28) Natural law – roots in divine law, timeless principles/rules – all are subject to 29) Legal positivism –
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intl rel final 2 - Book Notes 1 Causes of civil war...

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