Territorial Conflict

Territorial Conflict - Transnational ethnic ties o The...

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Transnational ethnic ties o “The extent to which shared ethnic ties between a group that controls a state and a kin who are disadvantages in a neighboring state lead to international tensions between the two states” (Moore 89) o “Ethnic ties among peoples across state borders in the international system act as unstated alliances among these people” (Moore 92) – liberalism o Transnational ethnic ties – opportunity for elites to “mobilize political support by using appeals to vilify a rival state for its treatment of ethnic brethren” (Moore 92) - bureaucratic politics, liberalism o Ethnic minority elites – interest in forging alliance with majority state – especially when irredentist option is feasible (Moore 92) o Ethnic linkages are functionally equivalent to alliances between states – alliances are a major factor of diffusion of war (Moore 93) o Members of an ethnic group will assume that their kin share similar policy preferences (Moore 93) o “A threat to kin across a border can aid state building by providing a state with an issue around which to mobilize popular ethnic support” (Moore 93) – bureaucratic model o Disadvantaged group’s relative deprivation = increased tension (Moore 100) o REALIST Ethnic divisions within other states provide a chance to weaken potential rivals and thereby increase relative capabilities (Moore 101) An ethnic minority pursuing an agenda constitutes a vulnerability that could be exploited Destabilizing could take the form of more aggressive foreign policy or covert operations to undermine o
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Territorial Conflict - Transnational ethnic ties o The...

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