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A Day in the Life 0f Josie

A Day in the Life 0f Josie - Since she lives alone she is...

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A Day in the Life 0f Josie Beliefs and behaviors affect our health in many ways. Like Josie many people are in denial about their health. I smoked for years and I always could find ways to rationalize my smoking. When I was smoking the most I was a two pack a day smoker. I would go to sleep hacking and wake up doing the same thing. I could always find excuses as to why I was tired all of the time. Like Josie I didn’t think my smoking was affecting me. Josie surrounds herself with friends that smoke and her life pretty much revolves around it. Her eating habits are also terrible.
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Unformatted text preview: Since she lives alone she is always eating fast food. On top of her smoking she also has high blood pressure. If she would just quit smoking she would feel better and her blood pressure would likely go down. She also has a lot of stress in her life. Her grandson being sick causes her a lot of stress. Josie along with a lot of people need to evaluate their health by having a complete physical done including blood work. She would also have to change her routine....
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