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Ch.10 Audio Notes - Democrats won control of US congress in...

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Unformatted text preview: Democrats won control of US congress in 2006. Expanded majority in 2008. Control means to control committees and floor. Majority party has majority in every committee and subcom. Chair of every committee and subcomm is from majority party. Majority party has larger staff. Floor=literally is large meeting room, figuratively refers to house or senate acting as a whole. Leadership on floor is party leadership, house=speaker, chosen by majority party, senate= maj leader, chosen by majority party. Election night 2008, democrats had 58 seats (2 were indep, Bernie sanduz and joe Lieberman). Senate race in Minnesota very close, Norm Coleman (R) vs Al Franken. Settled in summer 2009 with Franken winning (60). Arlen specter switched parties giving 59 th . Started as a independent republican, voted for stimulus package. Switched parties so he could win primary. 60 seats were not filibuster proof. Democrats lost one with death of Ted Kennedy....
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