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Meets every other odd year in regular sessions. Sessions are limited to 140 calendar days. Gov can call special session up to 30 days and is limited to whatever items are on his call. Texas is one of 6 states that meets every other year. Proponents of legislative reform almost always include that legislature meet every year; claim that modern world is too complex to be resolved every other year. Critics say that meeting more often costs more. Legislature deals with short time with a time table; introduction of bills begins before legislature meets (week after November election). The 140 days begins slowly and picks up (ends in frenzy). Never quite sure what will happen to bills in session. Limited length of sessions allows that filibuster is only effective near the end (TX senate only needs majority vote to end filibuster). Once a member stops speaking, the lieutenant gov can recognize another member to push forward the agenda. Only effective filibuster is an individual senator who continuously speaks. In 2009, John Corona shut down the Senate in the last day and prevented legislation from passing. His major issue was transport in DFW area. Proposed that would allow local voters to increase their gasoline tax for transportation projects. This did not pass the House and he thus killed off a number of measures that had passed the House. Gov Perry had to call special session. Filibusters not allowed in House.
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