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A cursory examination of the positions of a member of the Texas House and a member of the US House reveals many similarities. While the Texas Legislature appears to have been modeled after the United States Congress, it has some very important differences. An obvious similarity is that both types of Representatives must run for reelection every two years. However beyond this, many differences begin to appear. A Texas House Representative attends a 140-day legislative session every other odd calendar year. However, a US House Representative attends two legislative sessions during one term of Congress (one per year) and each session generally runs from Jan 3 rd (as specified by the 20 th amendment) or another date chosen by Congress and runs until November or December of the same year. Additionally, there are a number of different compensations for each position. . A Texas House Representative receives a yearly salary of $7,200, a daily allowance of $139 when Congress is in session, generous pensions, full healthcare
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