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A cursory examination of the legislative branch of our national and state government reveals many similarities. While the Texas Legislature appears to have been modeled after the United States Congress, it has some very important differences. Like the United States Congress, the Texas legislature is also bicameral, consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Both houses of the US Congress are considerably larger than their Texan counterparts. The US Congress has 100 senators while the Texas Congress only has 31 senators. The US House of Representatives has 435 members while the Texas House has 150 members. Members are elected to the US Congress and Texas Legislature by popular election. Representatives of both the US and Texas House of are elected for 2 year terms. However US senators are elected for 6-year terms while Texas Senators are elected for 4-year terms. One of the most glaring differences between these two legislative bodies is the session length/frequency. The Texas Legislature has one term every odd calendar year
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