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Essay 3 - Both the US vice president and the Texas...

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Both the US vice president and the Texas lieutenant governor are seen as right hand men to the head of nation and the state, respectively. However, there are key differences that make the lieutenant governor a significantly more powerful legislative figure than the vice president. Although the Constitution assigns the vice president as the Senate’s presiding officer, the vice president plays an unimportant legislative role. The vice President may not address the Senate without permission of the chamber and only votes in case of a tie, which is rare. This is not the case for the lieutenant governor though. Even though the lieutenant governor also presides over the Senate (at state level), he exercises much more legislative authority. Although the lieutenant governor can only vote to break a tie, he controls many of the legislative procedures of the Senate. He assigns bills to committee, and once committees have done their work, the lieutenant governor has considerable influence over which bills are scheduled for debate. As
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