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The Senate has long been known as a great debating body that values the opinions of all senators. As such, the Senate operates on the supermajority principle, allowing a minority bloc of senators to be heard. Examples of this principle can be seen filibuster used in the US Senate and the two-thirds rule used in the Texas Senate. A filibuster is an attempt to kill a bill through prolonged debate because Senate rules state that as long as debate continues, senators cannot vote on a measure. Senators wanting to end a filibuster must gather the signatures of 16 senators to force a vote on cloture, which, in turn, requires a three-fifths’ vote of the Senate membership (60 votes) to succeed. Filibusters empower a minority of senators to block legislation because as long as the opposition cannot gather 60 votes (a supermajority), legislation cannot pass. Today, senators who want to use filibuster just indicate intent and the Senate continues with other business while senators attempt to round up vote to invoke cloture. In Texas, legislation passes Senate by majority vote (16 votes to ensure passage).
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