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The Senate has long been known as a great debating body that values the opinions of all senators. As such, the Senate has adopted methods that allow a minority bloc of senators to be heard. One of the most well known of these methods is the filibuster. A filibuster is an attempt to kill a bill through prolonged debate as Senate rules do not limit how long a senator can talk. As long as debate continues, senators cannot vote on a measure. Filibusters are sometimes used in order to kill a measure but frequently it is used because the opposing senators wish to reach some sort of compromise. For example, one senator might change sides and oppose a filibuster if an amendment benefitting his state were added to the bill in question (an example of logrolling). In Congress, filibusters are only used in the Senate and senators who want to use filibuster just indicate intent to the majority leadership. The Senate continues with other business while proponents of the measure try to round up enough votes to end the
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