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Ch 26 Audio Notes - National system is a cabinet system president appoints heads of major state departments These people serve at presidents

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National system is a cabinet system- president appoints heads of major state departments. These people serve at president’s pleasure and they must do what the president wants. Substantial parts of the Texas executive branch are organized as a plural executive. Instead of electing one executive official, voters choose a comptroller, an agricultural commissioner, a land commission, lieutenant gov, attorney general, 15 members of board of education, 3 members of railroad commission. Governor can not remove them. Result is that major policy areas of state government are outside the control of the governor. Differences in cabinet system and plural executive represent different ideals in democratic accountability. Idea of cabinet system is that voters will hold the president accountable. In Texas, governor is not in this position, each official is accountable. The assumption is that voters are familiar enough with policies in these areas to make good decisions. Governor of Texas has more powerful veto tool than president. Both have authority to veto legislation and veto can
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