Ch.11 Audio Notes

Ch.11 Audio Notes - Honeymoon period- want to give new...

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Honeymoon period- want to give new president a chance. All of his own party members, many independents and even some of opposing party will have positive comments. President hasn’t angered people yet. By late summer 2001, polls were trending down, end of honeymoon period. Bush’s popularity skyrocketed after world trade center attack (90%). This is called a rally effect- US has been attacked and people rally around leader. Opposing party only has support and interp of events displayed in media is that of the president and his administration. Other spike in March 2003 coincided with invasion of Iraq. December 2003 spike- capture of Saddam Hussein. November 2004, Bush’s popularity is around 50% and this is usually good enough to get reelected. Steady decline after fueled by casualties in Iraq, Katrina, decline of stock market and recession. When he left office, it was 25% (near record low). James David Barber wrote Presidential Character. Psychological approach to explaining presidential behavior. Believed performance of a president is based on personality traits formed during childhood and adolescents. Two psych dimensions- energy (active- throws himself into work, passive- such as Coolidge, Eisenhower) and attitude (positive- enjoys the job, optimistic; negative- sees the job as a burden, such as Nixon and Johnson). Best
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Ch.11 Audio Notes - Honeymoon period- want to give new...

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