Ch. 26 Class Notes

Ch. 26 Class Notes - GOVERNOR OF TEXAS Be prepared to...

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GOVERNOR OF TEXAS Be prepared to compare and contrast the governor with the president. The governor must be 30 years of age, a resident of Texas, and an American citizen. All governors have been white Protestants, but two have been women. Most have names easy to pronounce. The governor serves a four-year term, but, unlike the president, is not term limited. The governor may be impeached and removed from office. Governor Jim Ferguson was impeached and removed. The formal, official powers of the governor of Texas are relatively weak compared with those of the president and those of the governors of most other states. Legislative Power The governor can call special sessions, make proposals to the legislature, veto legislation, and enjoys the line-item veto for appropriations bills. These powers are equal to or greater than those of the president. The president does not have the item veto. Budgetary Power The governor, like the president, sends a budget to the legislative branch. In the national government, the president’s budget is the point of departure for the congressional debate over the budget. In Texas, however, the legislature ignores the governor’s budget, using instead the budget developed by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB), which is controlled by the speaker and lieutenant governor. Appointment Powers The governor appoints a number of officials, but they require a two thirds Senate vote of approval. In contrast, the president’s appointees are confirmed by majority vote. Both the president and the governor are limited by senatorial courtesy, which gives a senator the power to block an appointment of someone from his or her district. Judicial Power Whereas the president appoints all federal judges, the governor is limited to filling vacancies because state judges in Texas are elected. Unlike the president, the governor has no independent power to pardon. He can act only on the recommendation of the Board of Pardons
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Ch. 26 Class Notes - GOVERNOR OF TEXAS Be prepared to...

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