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INFO3130: Management Information Systems (7 th ed) Fall 2005 Chapter 12 12 Developing Business/IT Solutions CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter introduces the traditional, prototyping, and end user approaches to the development of e- business systems, and discuss the processes and managerial issues in the implementation of new e-business systems and technologies. It presents a systematic approach to problem solving. It then introduces a variety of approaches used by IS professionals and end users to develop information system solutions to business problems. Section I: Developing Business Systems Section II: Implementing e-Business Systems LEARNING OBJECTIVES Learning Objectives 1. Use the systems development process outlines in this chapter, and the model of IS components for Chapter 1 as problem-solving frameworks to help you propose information systems solutions to simple business problems. 2. Describe and give examples to illustrate how you might use each of the steps of the information systems development cycle to develop and implement a business information system. 3. Explain how prototyping improves the process of systems development for end users and IS specialists. 4. Identify the activities involved in the implementation of new information systems. 5. Describe several evaluation factors that should be considered in evaluating the acquisition of hardware, software, and IS services. 6. Identify several change management solutions for end user resistance to the implementation of new information systems. KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS - DEFINED Conversion Methods (423): The process in which the hardware, software, people, and data resources of an old information system must be converted to the requirements of a new information system. This usually involves a (1) parallel, (2) phased, (3) pilot, or (4) plunge conversion process from the old to the new system. Cost/benefit Analysis (406) : Identifying the advantages or benefits and the disadvantages or costs of a proposed solution. Data Conversion (422):
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Ch12_Learning_Obj_and_Terms - INFO3130: Management...

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