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INFO3130: Management Information Systems (7 th ed) Fall 2005 Chapter 13 13 Security and Ethical Challenges CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter discusses the threats against, and defences needed for the performance and security of business information systems, as well as the ethical implications and societal impacts of information technology. Section I: Security, Ethical and Societal Challenges of IT Section II: Security Management of Information Technology LEARNING OBJECTIVES Learning Objective s 1. Identify several ethical issues in how the use of information technologies in business affects employment, individuality, working conditions, privacy, crime, health, and solutions to societal problems. 2. Identify several types of security management strategies and defences, and explain how they can be used to ensure the security of business applications of information technology. 3. Propose several ways that business managers and professionals can help to lessen the harmful effects and increase the beneficial effects of the use of information technology. KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS - DEFINED Antivirus Software (462): Is a software program that is designed to find and eliminate computer viruses. Audit Trail (468): Periodically examining the accuracy and integrity of information systems. Auditing e-business Systems (467): An information services department should be periodically examined (audited) by internal auditing personnel. In addition, periodic audits by external auditors from professional accounting firms are a good business practice. Backup Files (464): Backup files are duplicate files of data or programs. These files may be stored off-premises, that is, in a location away from the computer center, sometimes in special storage vaults in remote locations. Biometric Security (465): Computer-based security methods that measure physical traits and characteristics such as fingerprints, voice prints, retina scans, and so on. Business Ethics (436): An area of ethical philosophy concerned with developing ethical principles and promoting ethical behavior and practices in the accomplishment of business tasks and decision-making. Computer Crime (439)
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Ch13_Learning_Obj_and_Terms - INFO3130 Management...

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