Syllabus - CET2178CCRN12319 A Concepts(Hardware Fall Term...

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CET2178C CRN 12319 A+ Concepts (Hardware) Fall Term, 2008 Tuesday; Thursday 11:30AM to 12:45 PM Bld. 2; Room 305B Instructor:  Deymond Hoyte   Contact Information:    Office location: Building 8 room 253 Phone number: (407) 582-2118 Email: [email protected] Office Hours:     Posted on the office door.   Texts:   Textbook Required A+ Guide to Hardware (Managing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting) Fourth Edition By Jean Andrews, Ph.D. Course Technology/Thomson Learning ISBN 0-619-21300-0   Optional Lab Software LabSim for A+ Core Hardware
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Course Technology/Thompson Learning ISBN 0-619-21762-6 Prerequisites: None   Course Description:    Hands-on laboratory-oriented course. An introductory course in microcomputer hardware and related applications. The course is designed to introduce the student to the operation, support, and troubleshooting of PCs. Major topics in this course are hardware concepts, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and support of PCs. This course along with CET 2179C, will prepare the students for the A+ certification exam. (Special Fee: $46.00)   Valencia Core Competencies:  Valencia faculty have defined four interrelated competencies (Value,  Think, Communicate, Act) that prepare students in the world community.  The competencies are  outlined in the college catalog.  In this course, through classroom lecture and discussion, group  work, and other learning activities, you will further develop your mastery of these core  competencies.   Other Competencies:   Some CLAST competencies will be addressed in this course.   Method of Instruction:  The course will be taught through a combination of lectures, hands-on  classroom laboratories, and homework assignments.  Students should not assume that class time  will be available to complete homework assignments. Classroom participation is considered an  integral part of learning and every effort should be made to attend.  
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Syllabus - CET2178CCRN12319 A Concepts(Hardware Fall Term...

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