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Module 1 Unit 1 Assignment C

Module 1 Unit 1 Assignment C - and when the water comes to...

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MODULE 1 UNIT 1 Assignment Part C 1. Describe a method that could be used to separate the components of the  following (2 marks each):  a) Sand and iron filings  YOU COULD USE A MAGNET TO SEPERATE IRON  FILLINGS FROM SAND. b) Sawdust and lead pellets.  YOU COULD USE WATER FLOTATION TO  SEPERATE LEAD PELLETS FROM SAWDUST. c) Salt and glass particles  YOU COULD USE A DISTLLATION  APPERATUS TO  SEPERAT SALT FROM GLASS PARTICLES. d) Silt (water and fine soil particles)  A FILTRATION APPERATUS COULD BE  USED TO SEPERATE SILT. e) Alcohol and water  TO SEPERATE ALCOHOL FROM WATER YOU COULD  USE A SEPERATORY FUNNEL. 10  marks Before attempting the following experiment, read the whole explanation and observe the  accompanying diagram.  2. Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in a saucepan containing about 3 cm of water.  Put at least 6 ice cubes in another clean and dry saucepan. Heat the first saucepan, 
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Unformatted text preview: and when the water comes to a rolling boil, hold the second saucepan tilted over the escaping water vapour, after having placed a third container (preferably a glass) underneath it, as shown in the diagram. Do this until a few drops of liquid are deposited in the glass. a) Note everything you observe during the heating process. I OBSERVED THE FOLLOWING DURING THE HEATING PROCESS b) Taste the liquid that has been deposited in the glass and note your observations. c) What do you call the process you’ve just observed? d) Explain what happened during the process. 11 marks Total 21 marks Total for Assignments Module 1 Unit 1: 93 marks Submission Instructions Submit your assignment (in Microsoft Word format) using the drop box on the Assignment page for this unit....
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Module 1 Unit 1 Assignment C - and when the water comes to...

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