Module 2 Unit 1 Assignment B

Module 2 Unit 1 - 2 Indicate the charge gained by the following atoms after forming ions a Strontium 2 b Lithium 1 c Aluminium 3 3 marks Total 5

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MODULE 2 UNIT 1 Assignment Part B 1. Explain in detail why barium forms an ion with the charge of 2 + . Barium has two electrons in the last layer, and these two electrons are easily extracted, giving it a surplus of two protons. Therefore its ionic charge is 2+. 2 marks
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Indicate the charge gained by the following atoms, after forming ions: a) Strontium 2+ b) Lithium 1+ c) Aluminium 3+ 3 marks Total 5 marks Submission Instructions Submit your assignment using the drop box on the Assignment page for this unit....
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