Module 2 Unit 1 Assignment C

Module 2 Unit 1 Assignment C - It acquires 3 additional...

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MODULE 2 UNIT 1 Assignment Part C 1. To which group of the periodic table do exceptionally inert gases belong? Why are they inert? They below to group 8A on the periodic table. They are inert because their chemical reactivity is very low. Their electronic configuration represents a stable low energy configuration. 3 marks 2. Explain in detail why nitrogen forms an ion with a charge of 3 - . Nitrogen belongs to group 5A. That means there are 5 electrons in the last layer.
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Unformatted text preview: It acquires 3 additional electrons giving it a surplus of three. Because there are more electrons than protons, it has a charge of 3-3 marks 3. Indicate the ionic charge when the following atoms form ions: a) Phosphorus 3-b) Fluorine 1-c) Sulphur 2-3 marks Total 9 marks Submission Instructions Submit your assignment using the drop box on the Assignment page for this unit....
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