Module 2 Unit 2 Assignment A

Module 2 Unit 2 Assignment A - 10 marks 3 Explain in word...

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MODULE 2 UNIT 2 Assignment Part A 1. What’s the total number of orbitals in the valence shell of an atom? How many electrons can each orbital contain? There are four orbitals at most in the outer layer, and each orbital at the most can contain two electrons. 2 marks 2. Indicate how many full and half-full orbitals there are in the valence shell of the following elements: (2 marks each) a) Krypton 8 electrons valence 4 full orbitals b) Germanium 4 electrons valence 4 half full orbitals c) Tellurium 6 electrons valence 2 full orbitals, 2 half full orbitals d) Gallium 3 electrons valence 3 half full orbitals one empty e) Potassium 1 electron valence 1 half full orbital 3 empty
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Unformatted text preview: 10 marks 3. Explain, in word, how to represent, using Lewis structures, the electronic configuration of the following elements: a) Silicon the chemical symbol (Si) with one dot on each of the four sides of the symbol b) Phosphorus chemical symbol (P) with two dots on one of the sides, and single dots on the other three sides c) Fluorine chemical symbol (F) with two dots on three of the sides, and a single dot on the fourth side. d) Argon chemical symbol (Ar) with two dots on all four sides of the symbol 4 marks Total 16 marks Submission Instructions Submit your assignment using the drop box on the Assignment page for this unit....
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