Module 2 Unit 3 Assignment E

Module 2 Unit 3 Assignment E - have one but you can see the...

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MODULE 2 UNIT 3 Assignment Part E 1. Answer all the questions (copied below) of the exercise on ionic bonds. (2 marks each) a) How many ions of chlorine surround each ion of sodium? 6 b) How many ions of sodium surround each ion of chlorine? 6 c) Since there are no shared electrons, what force holds the crystal lattice together? Electrical charge. d) Examine the grains of salt in a salt shaker. Use a magnifying glass if you
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Unformatted text preview: have one but you can see the grains with the naked eye if you look carefully. What’s the shape of most of the crystals? Why do you think they have this shape? Square shape. It is square because each one of the molecules is symatrical and surrounded equally on all sides with the ions. Total 8 marks Submission Instructions Submit your assignment using the drop box on the Assignment page for this unit....
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