Week 2 Assignment - Industry Forecasting

Week 2 Assignment - Industry Forecasting - Running head:...

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Running head: INDUSTRY FORECASTING 1 Industry Forecasting Carla A. Smith-Todman Managerial Marketing BUS620 Dr. Sharif Muhammad January 10, 2011 Ashford University
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Industry Forecasting Technology is a thing of beauty. The technological advancements that the world has accomplished in the past 50 years are amazing and have surpassed what men have achieved for hundreds of years. Although mankind has made leaps and bounds with respect to creativity and inventiveness, as of late it has truly skyrocketed. Many people claim to have visions of the future. However it is not easy for organizations to foretell or forecast how a product will survive in an industry without careful analysis of the product and the market. These days there are so many organizations offering products and services that consumers can literally take advantage of. The offerings are inestimable and are a veritable smorgasbord. The goals of organizations are to keep abreast of consumer’s needs, wants, lifestyle, attitudes, likes, and dislikes, just to name a few. One product that is making quite an impact in its industry is the home tablet. This product is making its way up the consumer ladder thanks to innovation and marketing strategies. A table or a home tablet is a miniature wireless, portable, personal computer with a touch screen interface designed for individual use and powered by Android technology which is a mobile operating
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Week 2 Assignment - Industry Forecasting - Running head:...

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