#2 Introduction to Programming

#2 Introduction to Programming - Mapua Institute of...

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Mapua Institute of Technology School of IT CS103 - Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming 1 LECTURE 1 Introduction Electronic Data Processing Concepts IPO Diagram Input Output Algorithm An algorithm is a finite set of instructions which, if followed, accomplish a particular task. In addition, every algorithm must satisfy the following criteria: 1. Input : there are zero or more quantities which are externally supplied 2. Output : at least one quantity is produced 3. Definiteness : each instruction must be clear and unambiguous 4. Finiteness : if we trace the instructions of an algorithm, then for all cases, the algorithm will terminate after a finite number of steps 5. Effectiveness : every instruction must be sufficiently basic that it can in principle be carried out by a person using only pencil and paper. It is not enough that each operation be definite, but it must also be feasible. What is Computer Science? n Algorithm-Centric View Computer science is viewed as the study of algorithms. This encompasses: 1. Machines for executing the algorithms 2. Languages for describing the algorithms 3. Foundation of algorithms
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#2 Introduction to Programming - Mapua Institute of...

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