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SEGMENT 1 - V-BELT SIZE SPECIFICATION OBJECTIVE 1 Describe how v-belts are specified OBJECTIVE 2 Describe three methods of identifying belt size and type OBJECTIVE 3 Describe the function and operation of v-belt match codes SKILL 1 Use a belt code to determine the size and type of a v-belt SEGMENT 2 - V-BELT COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION SKILL 2 Use a belt gage to determine belt cross section size SKILL 3 Use measurement to determine the size and type OBJECTIVE 4 Describe how bushings are specified OBJECTIVE 5 Describe how sheaves are specified SKILL 4 Use a sheave gage to identify a sheave size SKILL 5 Identify size and type of a sheave and bushing given a sample
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Unformatted text preview: SEGMENT 3 - V-BELT DRIVE SELECTION OBJECTIVE 6 Describe how to select bushings, sheaves, and a v-belt for an application SKILL 6 Select bushings, sheaves, and a v-belt for a given application SEGMENT 4 - V-BELT MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING OBJECTIVE 7 Describe reventive maintenance OBJECTIVE 8 Describe nine preventive maintenance steps for v-belt drives OBECTIVE 9 Describe how to troubleshoot a v-belt drive system SKILL 7 Troubleshoot a v-belt drive system IMM 101 - Module 7 Study Guide - Mechanical Systems 2 - LAP 2 V-BELT SELECTION AND MAINTENANCE...
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