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Chevrolet Volt - about their sales So just recently...

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Ribhi Tabel May 15, 2011 Marketing 305 Marketing News When you say Chevrolet, most people think of big lifted trucks or SUV’s. We think of V8 engines and big muscle cars that mad in America only kind. We also think of the gas it’s going to cost us, the 9 mils per gallon kind of car. In the past few years gas became very expensive and no one wanted to buy that kind of car that is going to take lots of gas, Chevrolet’s sales started to decrease big time and Chevrolet had to do something
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Unformatted text preview: about their sales. So just recently Chevrolet invented the all new Chevrolet Volt, It run on electricity up to first 34 miles, which I think is good most people don’t need more than 34 miles a day. After the 34 miles the gas kicks in, so instead of it becomes a electricity car it becomes a regular gas gar and it’s really good on gas. It averages around 111 MPG, it’s already on the market and it start for around $32,000....
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