BPL Test 1 - 1 During the maturi ty stage of the industry...

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1. During the maturity stage of the industry life cycle, the firm is likely to reduced asset based to lower costs. 2. The “goals” part of the mission is associated with the long-term targets the firm aims to reach in its activities. 3. When firms can easily exit an unprofitable industry, competition is severe. 4. The best boards should have only 2 or 3 inside directors. 5. When a strategy is defined as a ploy, it is a stream of decision or strategy is what a firm consistently does. 6. When a company pursuing a differentiation strategy, it will try to lower its cost. 7. All intended strategy will eventually become realized strategy. 8. Employee skills, patents, and brand reputation can be classified as intangible resources. 9. Company infrastructure is part of the primary activities of the value chain. 10. Stock market is part of the economic forces from the macro environment. 11. Sources of market position advantage does not include a. Location b. Government c. Brand name d. Market share e. Not give in all are source of market position advantage 12.Which of the following is a good example of a good purpose/vision? a. Petroleum manufacturer/provide energy b. Typewriter manufacturer/sell typewriter
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c. Railroad track service/ servicing passenger d. They are all great examples e. They are all poor examples 13. Of the following choices, ______ board has the highest degree of involvement in strategic management. a.
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BPL Test 1 - 1 During the maturi ty stage of the industry...

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