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1. Explain the three different types of primary elections. Closed primary: People may vote in a party's primary only if they are registered members of that party Open primary: A registered voter may vote in any party primary regardless of his own party affiliation Blanket primary: In a blanket primary voters may pick one candidate for each office without regard to party lines; for instance, a voter might select a Democratic candidate for governor and a Republican candidate for senator 2. Explain the Voting Rights Act and how it affects the redistricting process. Affects the redistricting process by making it illegal for states and local governments to enact rules that diminish minority voting power What is a majority-minority district? Where the majority of the population are minorities. 3. List and describe the various sources of campaign funds. Individuals, Groups via PACs, Parties, The candidate 4. What are the main goals of political campaigns? Improve name recognition, Name recognition
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